ZEGO Snacks Product Review & Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel like it is a challenge to find safe and portable snacks (that are also delicious) that make eating on the go possible during the fast pace of the school year.

Colleen from ZEGO Snacks contacted me to see if I’d be willing to taste test a revised recipe of several of their snack and fruit bars.  I was delighted to do so.

photo courtesy of ZEGO

Before I go into my review of ZEGO’s products, let me give you some background on the company.  Colleen and her family were dealing with Celiac Disease, intolerances, and multiple food allergies and had great difficulty finding a “nutrient-dense convenience food” that could accommodate all of their needs.  So, like so many other amazing mom’s I’ve had the pleasure of championing on my blog, Colleen took matters into her own hands and she and the folks at ZEGO decided to create their own line of safe snacks. 

Any mom that turns life’s lemons into lemonade is a superhero in my book.  But ZEGO Snacks decided to take things a step further by testing every batch of their recipes for cross-contact as part of their Z-Code Food Safety System.  So what does the this fancy sounding system mean?  Here are the main talking points:

  • ZEGO says their facility is free of the top 14 most common allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts except coconut, dairy, soy, gluten, oats, and sesame.  ZEGO sources their coconut from a nut-free supplier.
  • ZEGO tests each batch for cross contamination and gives you the results of that test via a QR code found on every snack and fruit bar they produce.  To read the test results of your particular snack or fruit bar, simply download the QR Reader app to your phone or tablet and scan the QR code on your bar.

Now that we have all that business out of the way, here are some of the snack bar flavors Colleen and ZEGO Snack graciously provided me with to taste test.

ZEGO Snack and Fruit Bars

While the ZEGO snack bars (the three larger bars on the left) are indeed good, the Fruit+Chia and Just Fruit Bars were my favorite.  Every bite was bursting with robust flavor that almost feels indulgent.  Out of all the fruit bar flavors, The Strawberry and Peach Just Fruit Bars were my favorite, but I’ll also say there wasn’t a flavor that I didn’t like.

Know someone who needs some ZEGO Snacks in their life?  Be sure to visit The Food Allergy Mom on Facebook and tag that friend before Sept. 1, 2017.  A name will be selected at random on September 1,2017 to receive a 12 bar sampler pack of ZEGO Snacks.  (Winner must live in the contiguous United States.)  Pass the word!

photo courtesy of ZEGO

So when you are stocking up on all your back to school snacks, don’t forget to keep ZEGO Snacks in mind…because who couldn’t use a little extra peace of mind when sending your children off for the beginning of a new school year?






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