Oriental Trading Novelties: A Fun Allergy-Friendly Trick-Or-Treat Option

Even though many annual holidays filled with food-based traditions are distressing for most food allergy families, Halloween often tops the list.  Not only does the frightful holiday involve a great deal of food…tradition has trick-or-treaters collecting virtually every type of candy available- and from people we don’t often know and that don’t know about food allergies!  For me, it’s not only the costumes and mischief that make this one of the scariest days of the year.

Thanks to the Teal Pumpkin Project, Halloween can now be a little less scary for families with food allergies.  Whether you are familiar with this movement or not, I highly encourage you to check it out so and share it with others!  There are so many ways to participate and to get the entire community involved!

My kiddos are mostly grown up now, but when they were younger Halloween was a very difficult holiday to navigate.  Now that they are outgrowing trick-or-treating, we look forward to the opportunity to pay it forward each year.  Our church holds an annual Trunk-Or-Treat event where church members meet at the church parking lot, festively decorate the trunks of their cars, and then offer treats and games to trick-or-treaters of almost every size.

Last year we participated, my husband designed this fabulous Harry Potter theme for the trunk of our car.

This year we are going with a whole new theme, but I can’t disclose it until the day of Trunk-Or-Treat.  I will do my best to update this post with pics afterward.

Every year, as my husband goes about decorating our wheels for a fun experience, I take great joy in displaying my homemade teal pumpkin to let families know I have some non-food alternatives for their trick-or-treat experience.  For me, there is only one place to go to get all of those trinkets and at a good price, Oriental Trading.  The folks at Oriental Trading were kind enough to send me some items to review so that you could see how I use their fun novelty items to make Halloween a safer experience for those with food allergies.

Here is an overview of the items they sent me this year:

Adorable, right?  One of my favorite things about these goodies is that some of them come in large packs for such a small price that I’m able to delight large groups of trick-or-treaters without worrying that I might run out of treats.

Kids love little figures like this cat, candy corn and pumpkin that they can bend into different shapes.  It keeps them busy much longer than you would imagine.  And I’ll be honest, these little plastic jumping spiders are a favorite in my family.  Aside from the thrill of getting a perfect jump out of one during a family spider jumping contest, they are always fun to tuck around the house to give an unsuspecting family member a surprise!

I’ve handed out a fun Valentine version of these candy corn-colored owls before and the kids loved them!  The older kids enjoy the black and orange friendship bracelets on the left.  And, hello, cool (some are even glittery) temporary tattoos are a hit with almost any age group…including mine!  These Halloween stamps are just precious and always a hit for little artists that come by our station.  But perhaps my favorite item in this picture is the Snoopy car.  Here’s why: Set it on the ground, pull it backward, let it go, and the car travels forward on its own.  It’s a great racing toy, not to mention totally adorable.  Ooops…am I letting it show that I’m a big The Great Pumpkin fan?

So, it’s now the middle of October and you are undoubtedly starting to plan for Halloween…I urge you to take a few minutes to checkout Oriental Trading to see how you might be able to make this holiday a special one for a child with food allergies!






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