Izzi B’s Allergy-Friendly Gingerbread House Kits A MUST For The Holidays

Friends, I’m not sure if I’m in denial or if time has just gotten away from me, but I can scarcely believe it is already December.  Between the slow start due to Hurricane Harvey in August, fall has seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye!

But I have been working on a couple of my favorite Christmas activities this week to get me in a more holly jolly mood and I want to share them with you!

One of our favorite family traditions is to create a family advent calendar.  This is an easy-peasy calendar I make for under $10.  It’s filled with Christmas activities that help us slow down and focus on the really important things for the season.  It’s not too late to make your own!  Find directions here.

One of the activities that goes on our advent calendar every year is making a gingerbread house.  Some of my fondest memories of Christmases past are of making gingerbread houses with three generations of the women in my family.  We always made quite a masterpiece and enjoyed plenty of laughter and sugar along the way!

This is a tradition I dearly wanted to continue with my own children.  But with the introduction of food allergies to my family, I felt like this would no longer be possible.  It broke my heart.

Then I found Izzi B’s!!!!!!  Y’all…these folks are AWESOME! They made my gingerbread house dreams possible again and now it’s a tradition I am blessed to share again each year with new generations of family.

Izzi B’s is kind enough to provide me with a gingerbread house each year (you can read about my past experiences here).  And I can tell you, I don’t blog about this company because of their kindness (although they absolutely ARE the kindest folks)…I blog about it because I want to let as many people as I can know that they made it possible for me to take back gingerbread house building in a more allergy aware way!

So, who is Izzi B’s?  They are a self-proclaimed allergen-free wholesale bakery in Connecticut.  While the do not have a storefront, they do fill individual pre-orders with pick up and some items are available for shipping (like gingerbread house kits).  Izzi B’s proudly states their products are free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all nuts, and casein.  They have no preservatives, no trans-fats, no refined sugar and are cholesterol free.  Their products are also vegan & kosher certified as well as celiac friendly.  All ingredients are either all-natural, organic or Fair Trade and all food colorings are made of natural derivatives of plants.

Back to the gingerbread house kit!  Here is what this little box of joy looks like!  Happy dance!

Here is a picture of most of the pieces you receive to create your house with although they may vary slightly from year to year.

Here is a picture of our 2017 gingerbread creation.

Note that I said creation because we decided to shake things up a bit this year and try to create something unique instead of our usual house.  So, we made a gingerbread church this year.  Oh, and the landing strip made of chocolate chips and gummy lane dividers were my son’s creation…a landing strip for Santa’s sleigh!  And we thought the gummies made fantastic stained glass windows!

One of the very best things about Izzi B’s gingerbread kits are that they allow you to truly use your imagination to create your very own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  What might you create?

Thinking this sounds like the perfect addition to your family holiday traditions?  Be sure to order soon to allow sufficient time for delivery before the holidays.

Thank you, Izzi B’s, for all that you do to spread delicious allergy-friendly happiness and smiles!

Merry Christmas, sweet friends!

P.S.  I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention Izzi B’s ginger sammies cookies.  Do yourself a major favor and be sure to order a couple of these to put a fantastic smile on your face.  Then hide them when they come in…or they have a way of disappearing the same day they arrive!


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