Ceela Naturals Skin Care Line (Top 8 Allergen & Corn Free) Review and Giveaway

A couple of months ago I was messaging with a friend asking for advice on an efficient but safe acne face wash for my teenager.  As luck would have it, she recently tried a product from Ceela Naturals and was absolutely in love with the results and suggested I check out their acne line.

So, I contacted the folks at Ceela Naturals Skin Care about their products.  Their response was almost immediate and very thorough.  Here are some points the company shared with me about Ceela Naturals:

  • they are top 8 allergen and corn free
  • they promise no artificial compounds, common allergens, surfactants, preservatives, parabens, fragrance, or animal testing
  • they offer products in the following categories:  eczema relief, restoring cleansers, skin nourishing creams & oils, and wash-off exfoliants

After our conversation, I felt like these products would indeed be allergy-safe safe for my son to use.   But I was still slightly concerned about using them for myself as I have extremely sensitive skin and so am somewhat limited in face cleansers, moisturizers, and make up that I’m able to use without issue.

The company was kind enough to send a few samples so that I could try them as well as share my findings with fellow bloggers.  So…here goes…

I’ve already mentioned that I give Ceela an A+ for customer service.  And when I received this thoughtfully made up package, I gave them another A+ for attention to detail and beautifully simple packaging.

Below are the four products my family received.

Side Note:  I love the crisp clear packaging of most of the bottles.  It leaves no question as to how close you are getting to the end of your product so you will know when it is time to reorder.

I used both the organic make up remover and facial cleanser on a daily basis for a couple of months.  I will admit the texture of both is quite a change compared to other over-the-counter or department store purchases I have used.  The make up remover is slick rather than creamy, but did a really good job removing my makeup…even the waterproof mascara.  The cleanser took more getting used to than anything because it does not soap or foam in any way.

My results?  At the end of a couple of months of an extremely stressful season for me (which usually equals acne breakouts), my skin was remarkably clear.  In the months of using this product, I had possibly one acne flare up…and again, this was during a high-stress season that usually equals many new acne breakouts for me.  This is also high praise from someone with such sensitive skin that even the most “gentle” cleansers can be a problem.

My son tried the acne gel wash.  As most teenagers do, he’s just recently started experiencing typical adolescent acne.  He used the face wash faithfully for a couple of months and noticed a huge difference.  While it did not vanish completely, I would estimate there was a 75% reduction in the outward appearance of acne.  And, I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it here because I don’t generally post pictures of my kiddos on my blog.  He was thrilled with the results.  It is worth noting that he became lax with daily use of the acne gel over the holidays and noticed a resurgence.  He is already back to using the product daily so he can enjoy clearer skin again.

The last product I was provided with to try was MagiCalm which is supposed to soothe challenged skin.  To be frank, while using the other Ceela products, my skin was in such great shape I didn’t yet try the MagiCalm.  However, a blast of drying, arctic air came through recently and has been a challenge for my skin (I live in normally very humid Houston, Texas) and I plan to give the MagiCalm a test drive tonight!

Overall, my son and I have both been thrilled with these products.  My only wish for this line is that it is could be readily available at chain grocery stores and drug stores.  Maybe if enough of us try Ceela Naturals Skin Care and like it, we could find a way to make that happen!

For two of you, this will be easier than ever!  Ceela Naturals was kind enough to donate TWO giveaways to my readers!  Here is some information about the product bundle to be given away and details on how to enter.:

Eczema Starter Bundle (Wash + Hydrating Cream)

Our Eczema Starter Bundle (Wash + Hydrating Cream) contains no parabens, sulfates, or dubious ingredients.  The Body Wash gently cleans ski without overdrying.  In addition, lab testing has shown the cleanser is effective against bacteria associated with eczema and atopic dermatitis.  The Body Cream offers pure natural skin hydration.  This rich formula delivers important oils, vitamins and an abundance of the collagen building block, Glycine, to promote skin health and restore balance.

To be entered for this giveaway, simply subscribe by email (the sign up button is in the column on the right) to The Food Allergy Mom blog.  If you are already subscribed to my email list, please send me an email to let me know you would like to be entered into this giveaway.  The deadline for entering is by 12:01a.m. (central time) on Friday, January 26th.

Of course, I sure would be grateful if you’d share this post with friends via email and social media too.  I was lucky enough to have a dear friend guide me when I called her looking for information.  I hope that you will be a dear friend to someone who might be looking for information on safe skin care too.

Happy New Year!



Thank you to all who participated in my giveaway.  My two random winners have been chosen.  Winners, congratulations and be expecting to hear from me soon with more details!

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