Show-and-tell Scout: A Book Review

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m a champion of Mylan and Disney.  (Just find the search box on my blog and use the keywords “Mylan” and “Disney” to see why.)  In full disclosure, my family does own EpiPens and loves to visit Disney World.  Possibly my favorite things about both of these companies is the doors they open for the food allergy community AND the way they give back.  Now Mylan and Disney have formed an alliance to create a whole new experience for food allergy families.

Mylan and Disney Publishing Worldwide are collaborating on books for families living with severe allergies, including a children’s storybook and a cookbook.

Show-and-tell Scout Storybook

photo courtesy of Mylan

photo courtesy of Mylan

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Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Gives Back

Are you new to the world of asthma and food allergies?  Not sure where to turn for credible and reliable information?  Maybe I can help.

There are several organizations I follow faithfully online and Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is one of them.  This is an organization that offers so much to the asthma and allergy communities, that I want to give you a quick snapshot of the organization so you can check them out on your own and decide if the organization is one you would like to connect with.  Continue reading

Love With Food Company Doubles The Food Fun

Happiness came right to my doorstep last week in the form of a cheery, red Love With Food box.  This is what it looked like:

Love With Food

It was filled with delicious Enjoy Life goodies, which are all gluten-free.  Fabulous, right?  But read on…it gets better.  Continue reading

Wizdy Gaming Creates Asthma and Food Allergy Awareness

During my family’s journey with my son’s asthma and food allergy diagnoses, we were blessed to connect with Wizdy (formerly known as Wellapets).  The company created an educational asthma game that taught children how to keep themselves healthy, how to keep asthma triggers at bay, and how to effectively use an inhaler.  Better yet…it’s honestly a fun game to play that just so happens to teach you some things about asthma in the process.

For a mom with a young child, this game was my saving grace.  I could talk to my son until I was blue in the face about how to take care of his asthma, but nothing I said was as effective as what he learned through the “voice” of the game because he was taking ownership through a hands-on experience.  Thank you, Wizdy!

Wizdy is a Boston-based start-up uniting game developers, designers and doctors. They believe in gaming for good. Their games encourage healthy lifestyle habits and inclusion; tackling asthma & allergies first!

Now the company is in the process of creating a food allergy awareness game that is slated to go live on May 16th.  Given all that the Wizdy Pets game offered, I am seriously excited about the release of their new food allergy game, Wizdy Diner.

So for the last day of Food Allergy Awareness Week, please help me welcome Nikita Virani, the co-founder and CEO of Wizdy, to the blog today!

photo courtesy of Wizdy

photo courtesy of Wizdy


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Food Allergy Awareness Week Part 3: “Don’t Scare.”

I’ve been contemplating my posts for this week for quite some time.  What issues should I cover?  Who should I reach out to?  How can I positively raise awareness for food allergies?

Finally, my husband and I worked together and came up with the following slogan for this week’s posts:  “Be Aware.  Be Prepared.  Don’t Scare.”   It’s short, sweet, and covers just about everything.

For information on how to “Be Aware” and “Be Prepared” please take a few minutes to read my previous posts.

For this post, let’s focus on how we, “Don’t Scare.”

I’m going to come clean here, this post is one that is so very near and dear to my heart.  And this is why.  I’m going to say something wildly unpopular and controversial here…so you might want to sit down.

I don’t think bullying is something only between children with and without food allergies.  I think as food allergy caregivers we sometimes unintentionally bully each other.  Continue reading