Wizdy Diner App A Fabulous Tool For Food Allergy Awareness

It is less than a month until school resumes here in Texas and food allergy parents everywhere are scrambling to fill out school forms, secure proper prescription medications, and prepare their children for going to school with food allergies.  And I’m one of them!

One of the things I hear parents say they struggle with is how to educate their children’s classmates and friends about their allergies.

Many parents opt for donating books to their child’s classroom.  One of my favorites is Nutley, The Nut-Free Squirrel by Stephanie Sorkin!  It is a great addition for any school library or classroom.

Want to take it a step further?

In this increasingly technological world, wouldn’t it also be great to have access to technology that could educate classmates and friends about food allergies?  Turns out, there’s an app for that!

Wizdy Games now offers a FREE app called Wizdy Diner that is perfect for creating awareness of food allergies among children.

The game is set up like a space diner in which you can choose what foods to serve.  The player seats alien customers, takes orders, serves up dinners, and collects payment.

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

Some customers will have food allergies that the player must accommodate.  The goal is to serve as many customers as possible in a timely and safe manner.

The player earns points for successfully serving customers and can use those points to redecorate and personalize their diner.

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

The game also features some fantastic learning challenges that earn the player extra points.  One of my favorites is the Epi game which teaches the player how to correctly administer epinephrine.

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

photo courtesy of Wizdy Games

If the player accidentally serves an alien customer food that contains their allergen, the player then follows the prompts to alert  for help and administer epinephrine.  The affected alien generally coughs and shows evidence of hives until help arrives and whisks the patient away for medical attention.  The error will cost the player points, but continuing to play the game earns the player more points and should increase their knowledge about allergens so they don’t make the same mistake again.

This is a fantastic space-based food allergy awareness game that is perfect for creating awareness among young children.  And it’s FREE…so don’t delay and download Wizdy Diner today!!!

In fact, if you love it, be sure to mention it to you child’s teacher and school staff so that they can incorporate it into the school setting.

Education is the key to creating understanding about food allergies.  So go ahead, be a part of the movement and pay it forward by telling your family, friends, and school about these great tools that might just save lives!




Order Enjoy Life Foods Products Using Amazon Dash

Do I have any Enjoy Life Foods fans out there?  I am about to seriously make. your. day.

Really, I am!  Well, actually, it’s a team effort…mostly between Amazon and Enjoy Life Foods.

Ever get to the bottom of the box of your Enjoy Life cookies with just crumbs and realize you need more for your child’s lunch this week?  Or do you ever empty that last spoonful of Enjoy Life seed mix into your yogurt and then realize you need more for your son’s campout this weekend?  That word to describe that feeling, P-A-N-I-C.

Until the Enjoy Life Foods Amazon Dash button…

Here’s how it works:

  • Log on to amazon.com.
  • Search for dash button.
  • Click on the Enjoy Life dash button and order it for $4.99 (for Prime Members only).  Here is what the Enjoy Life Dash Button page should look like.
  • Then wait eagerly by the front door anxiously awaiting that little button that should make your Enjoy Life Foods ordering a total walk in the park!  It is so simple it kind of reminds me of the “Easy” button Staples commercials.
  • When the packages arrives, break the seal on your dash button box and then you are ready to get started.
  • Get your phone and open up your Amazon app.  Then follow the simple directions included with your dash button.


Essentially, once the dash button setup is complete, you can hit the large white circle on your dash button and it will automatically order your specified, preferred products.

Enjoy Life Dash Button Screen

This means it is automatically charged to your Amazon account (although you can set it up to see notifications every time an order is made) and your order will soon be on its way!

Still not sure how it all works?  Check out this short tutorial from Amazon.

Feeling a little better about this new technology now?  I’m all set and ready to go.  Yippee!

Enjoy Life Dash Button

Love me some Mountain Mambo seed mix!!!!



“Now Find Gluten Free” App A Great Resource

Are you new to eating gluten-free?  Have you recently been diagnosed with celiac and need to learn what it is to eat gluten-free?  Are you already gluten-free and just want to have gluten-free product information at your fingertips?

I have a fabulous resource for you: the Now Find Gluten Free app.

The app is $4.99 on iTunes and offers a TON of gluten-free information useful to almost anyone at any point on their gluten-free journey.

Here are some of the things the Now Find Gluten Free app offers information about:

  • Starting out on the gluten-free diet  (links to their webpage)
  • Stocking a gluten-free pantry  (links to their webpage)
  • Celiac disease  (links to their webpage)
  • Items that contain “hidden” gluten  (links to their webpage)
  • Hundreds (and counting) of gluten-free foods

The app itself contains a list of gluten-free products that you can search alphabetically, by brand, or by type of food.  This feature allows you to “like” products so you can remember which products you’ve tried and liked.  The user can also hit a shopping basket icon to add it to their grocery shopping list.

So how accurate is the app’s product information?  The app founders say they list only products that are certified gluten-free or have been claimed gluten-free by the manufacturer and they cross-reference the product information regularly as a quality control check.

My favorite perks of this app?

  • No apparent in-app purchases or hidden fees
  • No sharing of email address required
  • No sign-in or registration required
  • Being able to create and manage my favorite gluten-free product lists

This is a fantastic tool for gluten-free newbies and veterans alike!  But don’t take my word for it, look it up on iTunes and see for yourself!

Thank you, Now Find Gluten Free!

88 Acres Craft Seed Bars A Treat For The Food Allergy Community

I was blessed to be sought out by Amanda at 88 Acres, a company that “creates healthy snacks, free of the most common food allergens, that are crafted with simple ingredients and designed for every body to enjoy.”  She asked if I’d be willing to taste their craft seed bars and do an honest review and after reading more about the company, I was happy to oblige.

88 Acres was co-founded by a woman who truly gets it.

photo courtesy of 88 Acres

Nicole Ledoux grew up on an 88 acre organic farm that inspired her love for food.  She had no way of knowing how instrumental that connection to food would be later in life.  When the love of her life, Rob, nearly died after consuming a dinner that was cross contaminated with nuts, she became inspired to create healthy, convenient, allergy-friendly snacks they could eat together.  This is where 88 Acres’ story begins.

Keep reading to find out how you can get 15% off your first order from 88 Acres…

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Aleia’s Gluten Free Foods: A Company Review

When attending the 2016 Austin Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in April, I was fortunate to meet Josh, a sales manager at Aleia’s Gluten Free Foods.


Before I even review the product/company, I have to say that I loved the fact that Josh seemed genuinely excited about his product and the company’s vision.  He was there because he cares, not to meet a bottom line on product sales.  He took quite a bit of time to speak with me and I was impressed by his candidness and knowledge of both his product and how it more than meets the needs of the gluten-free community.

Josh was kind enough to send me home with a couple of Aleia’s products to taste test.  I have to say, the Coconut Macaroons were delicious and not all that hard on the waistline compared to some gluten-free cookie calorie and fat gram counts.  I shared them with some gals at work who are not gluten-free and they also loved them.  I also tried the croutons and liked them.  They are the perfect crunch to make a boring salad interesting.

Josh was clear that Aleia’s puts a lot of love in their products.  And they have a lot of products!  Here are just a few:  cookies (almond horns, chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, chocolate macaroons, ginger snaps, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, snickerdoodle and vanilla bean sugar), croutons (classic and parmesan), bread crumbs (Italian and plain), panko crumbs, and a variety of stuffing mixes.

*It is worth noting for my food allergy followers that at this time, the company’s products are only gluten-free.  Many of their products do contain nuts or peanut ingredients.  Please read the ingredient label and speak with the company directly to inquire about cross contamination to decide if it is safe for you to consume.*

You can buy these products online at Aleia’s website or possibly even find them at your local grocery store.  I was recently shopping at my local H-E-B and was excited to come across several Aleia’s products on their shelves.

My thanks to Josh and the crew at Aleia’s for taking the time to speak with me and for creating top notch food for the gluten-free community!