Mimi’s Breakfast Quiche

On  June 1st, The Food Allergy Mom began a new post series called, “What’s Cookin’ In Grandma’s Kitchen” to encourage food allergy families to reclaim their kitchens.  A couple of times each week I will be posting allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and nut-free versions of my grandmother’s recipes. I have dozens of my grandmother’s old recipe cards … Continue reading

Cheerios Introduces New Peanut Butter Flavor Cereal

Cheerios has introduced a new peanut butter flavor and it isn’t sitting well with food allergy families.  In fact, for the last few days the food allergy community has been burning up facebook pages and blogs in reaction to Cheerios’ latest news. I was doing some research on Cheerios web page and found the following statement … Continue reading

Falling For Fall With Spice Bread

It seems silly to complain since we’ve had almost six months straight of sunshine here in Texas, but the lack of rain and cooler temperatures makes it feel like we’re still enduring the hot summer days of July.  We are still hitting one hundred degrees most days and are having the worst drought since the … Continue reading

Chex Cereal, Gluten-Free But Not Peanut-Free

Before I was diagnosed with celiac, my son (who is severely allergic to peanuts and nuts) and I both loved to eat Chex cereal.   I would use it in delicious snack mixes and as a hearty cereal. I’ve known for quite some time that Chex would be revamping the way they make their cereals.  Now, the majority, … Continue reading