Houston FARE Walk for Food Allergy Event THIS Weekend

The Houston FARE Walk for Food Allergy isn’t until September 7th, but we are gearing up to raise awareness during Food Allergy Awareness Week starting THIS weekend! Many thanks to Mike Lade, Volunteer Chair of the FARE Walk for Food Allergy in Houston for the below update on Houston happenings!  Please take a minute to … Continue reading

FARE Weighs In On Food Allergy Awareness Week

As you probably already know, this week is food allergy awareness week.  Today I’m honored to have a guest post from Mike Spigler, Vice President of Education of FARE.  FARE (formerly FAAN) is a one-stop shop for the caregiver of a child with food allergies.  They offer so many grass roots and nation-wide opportunities for … Continue reading

A Guest Post from Jenny Kales of The Nut-Free Mom

It is Food Allergy Awareness Week!  For some, it is a golden opportunity to educate those outside the food allergy community.  For some, it is the perfect time to raise advocacy and research efforts.  And for some, it is time to band together within the food allergy community and share our stories, ideas, and recipes … Continue reading

Food Allergy Awareness Week Begins Today!

Today is the first day of Food Allergy Awareness Week.  It seems as though this week holds different meanings for different people.  Some celebrate their family or friend living with food allergies and pay acknowledgement to the struggles they face each day.  Some are fundraising for their local FARE walk so there will be more … Continue reading

A FARE Membership Is Empowerment!

So what is FARE?  If you follow the food allergy community at all, it’s a term you’ve most likely heard dozens, if not hundreds, of times in the past few months. FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) is the newly formed food allergy power house organization.  The new entity was formed as the Food Allergy … Continue reading

Merging of the Food Allergy Minds

  It seems that a merging of the minds is the latest trend in fighting allergies and asthma.  Not long ago, The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network merged with Food Allergy Initiative to found FARE.  The merger is allowing FARE to create regional offices throughout the nation and creating an even stronger ally for families … Continue reading