Food Allergies On The Go; Life Simplified by iPhone Apps

Regardless of how much advance research I do, it never fails that on a vacation, dinner out, or even just jetting around town I’ll wish I had looked up a specific piece of food allergy information.

Thanks to smart phones, parents of children with food allergies DO have that information and much, much more at their fingertips…literally.  There is so much information that searching for food allergy apps yields an overwhelming number of results.  With so much information available, it’s hard to choose which ones are the best bang for your buck.

Thanks to Jennifer Roeder of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), the research has already been done for you and she posted the results on FAAN’s newly redesigned website.  Stop by and check it out.

Be sure to come back and share which apps you download, which ones you liked, and which ones you didn’t!


I’ve been trying out a few food allergy apps and wanted to share my thoughts.

  • findER:  This is a fabulous app that will find the closest emergency rooms from your current location.  Love it!  This is an especially great app to have when traveling or camping.
  • MyEpiPenApp:  This app provides immediate instructions on how to use an EpiPen in case of emergency.  It is a free app and is wonderful for grandparents, family, friends, and babysitters to have on hand.  It could save a life!
  • Is That Gluten Free?:  There are two versions of this app, I downloaded the cheaper version but found it very useful.  It gives gluten-free menu options from select restaurants and is very thorough in its explanations.  This is another great app to have for traveling.
  • Find Me Gluten Free:  This is a free app that is very similar to the “Is That Gluten Free” app but with more restaurants.  It has invaluable reviews and feedback from other gluten-free customers.