Jersey Mike’s: A Restaurant Review

A very dear friend of mine recently got married and that meant a rare road trip for just me and the hubby.  And I do mean rare….

With a six-hour drive ahead of us, we decided to take our time and really savor the moment.  We made a side trip through Mansfield on the way to Wichita Falls and stopped for lunch at Jersey Mike’s.

Jersey Mike’s reminds me of Subway, but maybe a little more upscale and with less topping choices.  Before I go on, I would be remiss if I didn’t disclose that although the restaurant offers gluten-free choices and offers a detailed allergen listing of their products, there are plenty of opportunities for cross-contamination since all food is made on the same counter (or at least it was at the location we visited).

With that said, most of their cold “subs” can be made into salads, otherwise known as the “sub in a tub,” for those that are gluten-free.  I ordered the Turkey Breast and Provolone Sub in a Tub and requested the server put on a clean pair of gloves before assembling it.  He was very gracious to do so and even took time to clean off the counter before assembling my salad which is made in a bowl (so the ingredients never touch the counter).

Although my salad was good, without the array of toppings that Subway offers, it tasted a little bland.  Ordering a different kind of salad might have done the trick.

My meal at Jersey Mike’s was decent and I appreciate their extensive allergen information available on their website, but overall, this is not a place I will be craving the next time we hit the road.

What are some of your favorite “safe” places to eat when you are on the road?