Happy 10th Birthday to The Food Allergy Mom Blog

Today is a special occasion! It marks ten years of blogging for The Food Allergy Mom.

For ten years I have sat at my computer staring down a blank cursor in hopes the words will flow so I can show another parent on this same food allergy journey that they are not alone and that things aren’t as bleak as they may seem on the day your child gets a diagnosis and you walk out of that office with a prescription for an epinephrine injector.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

And because I know it’s impossible to get anywhere all on your own, it is so important for me to take today’s blog post to thank some of the people who have been an integral part of my blogging journey:

Stephanie Sorkin, Author. My friend, I am so thankful for you for entrusting me with Nutley, The Nut-Free Squirrel. That book has been loved well and shared often with family, friends, and classmates. Most of all, thank you for always cheering me on and being such a positive influence.

Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH. I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Dr. Ruchi Gupta several times over the years and I can tell you it is always a pleasure. As a board certified pediatrician and health researcher, Dr. Gupta works tirelessly to develop policies dealing with pediatric asthma and food allergies. She is intelligent, relatable, calming, and has a huge heart for what she does and the people she helps. Her contributions to the study of food allergy and asthma have positively impacted thousands of lives, including mine and my son’s.

Sloane Miller, Author and Food Allergy Advocate. I’ve met this amazing lady in person and her determination to not let food allergies define her or hinder how she lives life is contagious. As the mom of a young child, I read her book Allergic Girl and saw (maybe for the first time) an individual with food allergies who still lived her life well. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It is a reminder that food allergies is not who we are, it is just a part of the journey. Her can-do attitude has inspired me and encouraged me to want the same for my son and my readers.

Food Allergy Research & Education. Back when I began this journey they were known as FAAN, but regardless of the name change, FARE has always been an excellent resource for me. It is THE place to start when you or a child is diagnosed. Thank you for being a part of the very first steps of mine and my son’s journey just as you still are today.

My son’s allergist. I remember walking into his office like it was yesterday. I don’t remember much of what happened that day out of the sheer shock of the diagnosis and fear of all that I had to quickly learn. What I DO remember is the calm and steady hand he offered when things were tough and the way he valued and listened to me as a parent. He has cheered me on every step of the way with my blog and at each appointment he has a new topic for me to consider writing about.

H-E-B. In Texas, H-E-B is by far my favorite grocery store. Not only have they been a friend to my community during times of great hardship, they carry a variety of products safe for me and my son. I actually saw our local H-E-B representative, Scott McClelland, in the store once and quickly introduced myself before going on to shop. Almost a half hour later, he chased me down in the store to personally hand me some complimentary, safe cookies he thought I would enjoy…on the house. I was stunned at his kindness and care for a customer he did not know. Several years later, Scott and H-E-B were kind enough to sponsor me for participation in several food allergy and gluten-free fests. I will be forever grateful for that support. I am an H-E-B shopper for life.

My readers. Without you, my blog is just words on a page floating around the internet. I have loved meeting you in person, reading your emails, and reading your comments. I read every email and comment I receive. Each one of them have made me a part of who I am as a blogger today. For that, I thank you!

My son. He was diagnosed almost sixteen years ago and he continues to amaze me every single day. He has taken his food allergy and asthma journey in stride, careful to never let it keep him from doing the things he loves. He’s managed it all while being part of middle school and high school sports teams, Boy Scouts, camping trips, vacations, and so so much more. I’m honored to be his mom and am so proud of him. I’m especially grateful to him for letting me write and share about so many of our experiences so we can help others.

I hope that whether you have food allergies or are the caregiver of a child with food allergies, you find some people along the way that build you up and support you the way these people have for me. Let me be the first…you are not alone and you CAN do this.

Blessings, friends! And thanks for indulging me today with a celebration and some special thank you’s.


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