Stephanie Sorkin’s Am I A Unicorn?: A Book Review

For almost a decade, I have been a fan of author Stephanie Sorkin. She is an award-winning author of multiple adorable children’s books and my own family has enjoyed reading them all (although I must say Nutley, the Nut-Free Squirrel is a favorite). So, you can imagine my delight when Stephanie debuted her new book, Am I A Unicorn?

This newest book features a young unicorn who is comfortable in her own skin until her outer appearance changes in a very prominent way. What is a unicorn to do when the thing that she associates so much of her identity with is suddenly not the same? Is she still a unicorn?

I think all of us suffered a bit of an identity crisis of our own in 2020. Our occupations, extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations that are huge pieces of our identities pretty much ceased to exist in the ways we’d grown accustomed to. From this we were challenged to examine if those things are what truly make us who we are, kind of like the lead character in Sorkin’s newest book. Talk about impeccable timing.

Stephanie does a beautiful job of walking the reader through the unicorn’s thought process as she tries to rediscover what makes her the best her she can be. The plot line and words are brilliant at engaging young children and the colorful and whimsical illustrations only add to the overall feel of this precious book.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that young readers will be thrilled to find a recipe for “YOUnique Rainbow Cupcakes” at the end of the book. Any book that can combine story and activity time is a winner in my book, especially when many of us are still cooped up inside. Add to that a portion of the book’s proceeds are donated to charities that benefit children, and what’s not to love?

As we emerge from the year of isolation that was 2020, there has never been a more perfect time to get to know and celebrate the person you are inside. Yes, our children have been transformed by the pandemic in dozens of different ways, but to be different is okay because as Sorkin says on the opening page of Am I A Unicorn?, “Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all the same?”

Make your next storytime with the kids extra special with this sweet book. Happy reading and stay safe, my friends.


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