Food Allergy Cooking With Betty Crocker

I’m always on a quest to try something new on the market to see if it is better than what I’m currently using.

I found a true blue winner when it comes to Gluten-Free Betty Crocker cake mixes.  Both mixes are great for those with celiac and a gluten intolerance, but it has also worked for my son who has severe nut allergies.  The cake mixes require little to no effort and only a few additional ingredients that are found in most of our refrigerators and pantries.

Usually I add a special touch…my secret ingredient for keeping the cakes moist…a tablespoon of plain or vanilla yogurt!  It really does make for a slightly moister cake that mimics the real thing.

These cake mixes also have great versatility.  They are often the base for my next great cooking adventure.  Just because it is sold as a cake mix, doesn’t mean you have to use it as one.  I’ve used the chocolate cake mix to make a chocolate banana bread loaf and the vanilla cake mix to make a spice cake.  The possibilities are endless!

Other gluten-free Betty Crocker products include brownie and chocolate chip cookie mixes.

The brownie mix is divine and just like the yummy gluten-filled brownies I remember…but again, I add a tablespoon of plain or vanilla yogurt here to up the moisture content.

The chocolate chip cookie mix also tastes like the real thing, however, I’ve found the texture to be quite crumbly.  It is difficult to eat a cookie without it breaking.  This is tolerable for me because the taste is so genuine, so my solution is to freeze the cookies and take them out as I want them without letting them thaw too much.  I’ll admit to tinkering with the recipe to try making the cookies more of a unit instead of so crumbly, but have failed as of thus far.  If you decide to try them, let me know what you think and if you added anything special.

One of my other favorite things about the Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes are their wallet-friendly prices.  You just can’t beat Better Crocker gluten-free products for taste or price!

If you decide to try the Betty Crocker mixes, be sure to weigh in and let us know what you thought and if you used it as a base for a new cooking adventure!


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