Cetaphil Moisturizing Products and Tree Nut Oils

I’ve used Cetaphil face wash since I was a teenager.  It’s over-the-counter, cheaper than the department store cleansers, and is whole-heartedly endorsed by most dermatologists.  It’s especially wonderful for those with sensitive skin.

Often, those with food allergies are predisposed to eczema and/or very sensitive skin which would make Cetaphil products (face wash, moisturizers, body wash) a perfect product for them…EXCEPT…some Cetaphil products now contain macadamia nut oils and/or almond oils.

Specifically, the following three products contain tree nut oils:

Even if your child does not use the above products, it should serve as a reminder to parents to check ingredient labels on products they use every day.  Fortunately for me, the Cetaphil cleanser I use does not contain tree nut oils, so I am still able to use it.  But I won’t be buying any Cetaphil moisturizers or lotions.

What are some unsuspecting products you have found peanut/nut contamination in?

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